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 Dark angel V6

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MessageSujet: Dark angel V6   Lun 8 Oct - 17:01

Le codex devrait arriver en novembre/decembre et apres sera les demons. Bon toujours pas de volant mais voici la liste en anglais.

Belial - not needed for deathwing
Sammael - not needed for ravenwing
Barakiel - named Techmarine/Master of the Forge! Note: Barakiel is known as Angel of Lightning in references
Sabrael - Guardian of the Inner Circle, gives bonus to Inner Circle unit
Company Master TA option
Interrogator Chaplain
Command squad ( option to take TA or bikes with Belial or Sammael respectively, and apothecary, standard bearer, 1 heavy weapon)

Chaplains (x3 can function independently like sanguinary priests in BA, or form a unit w special rules). Only characters if independent.
Inner Circle unit ( name is not known) tasked with hunting down one enemy unit, special rules for doing so. Can death wing assault, can assault on deep strike. But glass cannon, great in assault, but standard PA so will be easily shot up.
Brother-interrogators - this unit wears chaplain style death masks, but are not chaplains, they are a specialist unit adept at near range combat, standard armament is dual bolt pistols and power maul. Can upgrade pistols.

Tactical squad
Ravenwing Bike squad not sure how it differs from ravenwing assault squad.

Fast Attack:
Ravenwing assault squad
Ravenwing support squad
Assault marines
Ravenclaw air superiority fighter

Its bigger than the StormTalon, but the fuselage has a landspeeder style to it. I took it to mean squarish. The wings are supposedly fanned forward like an Aquila. And others have mentioned it would not take much to make this look like the chapter symbol, but I haven't heard anything on this.

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind w flakk options
Land Raider
Devastator w flakk options
Mystery Heavy Support - no info

Siege cannon ( this is supposedly the Techmarine cannon described earlier)
Battle bunker
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MessageSujet: Re: Dark angel V6   Mar 9 Oct - 10:52

voila un chapitre qui va faire mal Suspect Ils auront des options flakk en soutien et un stormtalon spetialement conçu pour eux voici ce j'ai compris
(petite traduction rapide) le vehicule est plus gros que le stormtalon,le fuselage comporte une sorte de landspeeder intégré style carré????
les ailes sont recourbé vers l'avent comme une aquila. Certains disent que ce volent n'est pas loin de ressembler à leur symbole de chapitre.
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MessageSujet: Re: Dark angel V6   Mar 9 Oct - 19:10

Dark angel, blood angel, wolf, chevalier gris ont pas droit au stormtalon lol, seul le codex space marines de base y ont accé, la logique Games cheers
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MessageSujet: Re: Dark angel V6   Mar 9 Oct - 22:02

Ca à l'air sympathique ces Dark Angels.... Basketball
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MessageSujet: Re: Dark angel V6   Sam 13 Oct - 16:08

Chaos Space Marines - September (duh)
Warriors of Chaos - October ~That would explain the "2012 is the Year of Chaos" stuff thats been out there for months.
Dark Angels - November (a strong maybe)
Daemons of Chaos - unknown date ~both system's Daemon books in this list are out of the blue, but with all the recent miniature activity and word of new plastic Major's on the way it could be feasible.
Chaos Daemons - unknown date
Tau Empire -Early 2013
Eldar - Mid 2013

-Tau release Q2,3 2013
-Kroot- New unit or two including a transport
-new crisis suits. These are not the forgeworld style, but are much more elegant compared to the current models
-Multiple new suits in the codex,
stealth suit, but not as bulky designed for close combat
broadsides while the same relative size as a crisis suit have much more bulk to them and are a separate build/model.
-Larger Suit with 2 twin linked rail cannons and a missile option.
-new stealth suit models
-Possible new race used as a psychic conduit by the ethereals, no idea on how this will turn out,
-remora drones (flyers)
-Flyer has dual gattling cannons
-Flyer has option for rail guns
-Flyer has bombs (not missiles!?) options for AA missiles or bombs, But can't take both.
-Railguns are getting a JOWW effect and can hit multiple models in a line.
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MessageSujet: Re: Dark angel V6   

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Dark angel V6
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